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Scrapbooking Actions

Scrapbooking Actions And Scripts

If you are a Web designer or a scrapbpbook artist, you are going to love scrapbook actions because they allow yet another opportunity to add more texture and color into your designs. Our scrapbooking actions have been designed keeping in mind what the designer's needs are. They are designed to help you enhance the beauty of your designs because you get to personalize each action script to the last detail.

Click image to see a larger sample of our scrapbooking actions

All of our Actions are created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements. While most of our scripts have been tested in Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5, Our Photoshop Elements have only been tested with the last version which happens to be 9. They have been thoroughly tested to make sure everything works properly and that the designs are of acceptable quality.

Each designer has her own way of making their actions so make sure you read the help files included so that you know how to work with them. Most designers will be happy to provide extra assistance if you contact them at the address provided in the TOU or HELP files.


Scrapbooking Actions Details

Our scrapbooking actions are created to give you the opportunity of introducing more colors and textures into your designs. When you download one of our scripts, you get a thumbnail icon of what the design will look like when finished. Once you start running the script, you will be tromped to select the colors and Patterns needed to create the design. Make sure you read each prompt carefully as it gives you information as to what part of the design you need to make the selection for. It helps if you have your color palette handy to make sure you pick the right colors and textures.

Click image to see a larger sample of our scrapbooking actions

Scrapbooking Actions for elements and patterns.

With so many designers out there, you can now find Scrapbooking Actions for just about anything you want to create. We for the most part create action scripts for Patterns and elements but as we get better known, we are getting requests for other things as well like brushes and styles. Little by little we are increasing our resources because we want you to make our site a destination and we can only do that by created the best designs and the best resources available on the web.


Scrapbooking Actions that are easy to run

Click image to see a larger sample of our scrapbooking actions

None of our scrapbooking actions needs anything to run. You do not need plug ins or any extra resource to make them work. Everything you need to with with our actions is included with your download. We want to make sure you can enjoy our scripts as soon as you download them and that is why you can rest assured that once your action is downloaded, you will be able to start working on your designs right away. Your download will include everything you need to start running your scrapbooking action right away!

The great thing about our actions is that when you learn how to run one of our actions, you learn to run them all because all of our scrapbooking actions run the same way!

Scrapbooking actions for free

If you are new to digital scrapbooking or are into web design, you may want to get a sample of what we have to offer. We have some photoshop actions that you can download for free. We want to make sure you try something before you buy so that you get an idea of the quality we have to offer. Go ahead! Download some of the samples and create your own clip art... We know you will be back. Actions are only part of the excitement. If you preffer let others do the work for you, you can always get your ready made Scrapbooking Kits that include everything you need to start your projects. Most kits include enough background papers and elements so you can design your works of art. There are differences between scrap books so be careful to red the details.

Tagger Size Kits: Small in size and usually meant for making tags and artist trading cards. They are low resolution as well, 72 DPI. This is suitable for viewing on the web but NOT for printing

Mini Kits or Samplers: A sampler is just a little "taste" of a full scrap kit. Sometimes designers choose some elements and create a sampler to give away because that will give you an idea of what the scrap book kit looks like. If you like what you see, you can purchase the full kit. A mini kit is simple a small amount of elements and wallpapers to help you create a small project.

Full Kit: This is what the designer made for the original design. It includes all the pieces, wallpapers and elements the designer considered you might want to have. They are usually big and include dozens of elements and pieces ready to be used in your projects. Mist kits include a list of all the elements included in the kit so that you get a full idea of what you are getting. Also, don't forget to read the TOU file because it explains to you what can you do with the artwork.

Greeting Cards
Click image to see a larger sample of our scrapbooking actions

Don't think that the only reason you can get our actions is to get into scrapbooking. On top of that there are many other areas that could use a little enhancement. If you like making your own cards this will work for you as well. Cardmaking is a great idea to show your creativity. You can choose an embellishment or a piece of clip art and print it at home to create your own cards. Card making is very creative and original as well. When you make your own cards you are giving something that cannot be found anywhere else. After you create your designs you can print them and then add other items like lace, ribbons, buttons and anything else you want. You will love personalizing your own cards and you can also get kids involved in the projects. You not always have the time to visit the local scrapbooking store and this is a fun convenient way to still make your own creations. Who says that only scrapbooks are fun to make? cardmaking is just as entertaining and fun.


Our Photoshop Actions are properly labeled so that you know before you buy if a particular script is right for you. Each action script will display a banner telling you the type of software and versions that are supported by that particular script. You can't miss it because we make sure that this banner is displayed in a conspicuous place so that you are aware of what you want to download. Here is an example:

You can successfully run the action using this software

Divider Photoshop Actions.

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